Playable Characters

Hero Story Characters

The characters who join only the Maverick Hunters' side, or are already Maverick Hunters.

Default Characters

A New Generation Reploid prototype whose DNA-Trans ability is rumored to be a hybrid of X's Variable Weapons System and Zero's Learning Ability. He fights using a variety of firearms and by shapeshifting into enemies he has gained the DNA-Data of.
Megaman X
The basis for all Reploids in existance, X is an advanced humanlike robot with both unlimited potential and the final version of Dr. Light's Variable Weapons System. He fights using a versatile arm cannon that can alter itself with the DNA-Data of enemies.
A reformed Maverick of nebulous origins who has immense physical strength, total viral immunity, and a special system known as the Learning Ability. He fights using beam swords and various other weapons and by assimilating new techniques from enemies' DNA-Data.
Steel Massimo
A New Generation Reploid who wears the name and armor of a fallen animaloid Reploid, and has recently joined the Maverick Hunters' Far East division. He fights using an array of polearms, and uses a high-powered hovering system to keep an adequate mobility.

Optional Characters

A New Generation Reploid who was created to house Dr. Gaudile's coveted metal-synthesizing Force Metal Generator along with a conventional energy generator. She fights using various status-inducing attachments that replace her detachable hands.
A New Generation Reploid thief with many ninja-like stealth abilities and a Hyper Mode known for making her faster than even the Reploid eye can see. She fights using beam daggers and a variety of energy throwing weapons.
The Hunters' well-rounded lead Navigator and a knowledgeable Reploid scientist who once worked alongside the infamous Maverick Gate. She fights using a standard-issue arm cannon based on the X Buster, but has no special battle skills of her own.
A New Generation Reploid Navigator specializing in enemy analysis who quickly rose through the ranks and was recently authorized to navigate for S-Rank Hunters. She uses a standard-issue beam rapier, but has no special battle skills of her own.
A New Generation Reploid and S-Rank Navigator specializing in environment analysis who is also the current leader of the Hunters' Research and Development department. She uses a custom-built military-grade raygun, but has no special battle skills of her own.

Temporary Characters

A half-vampire human who hunts vampires and has the unexplainable ability to travel through time, space and other dimensions with his mentor to find their preys. He fights using a specially-crafted solar gun and a vast array of other weapons.

Secret Characters

The first humanlike robot and joint creation of Dr. Light and Dr. Wily who uses the first version of the Variable Weapons System. He fights using a prototype versatile arm cannon and a customized arm cannon, along with his trademark unbreakable shield.
Dr. Light?
Dr. Light's consciousness engram hosted within several specially-made capsules that also appear to be projecting a holographic render of him, although he can leave the capsules and manifest wherever he wishes. He fights using hand-to-hand techniques long-forgotten by man.

Evil Story Characters

The characters who join or defect only to the Mavericks' side, or are already Mavericks.

Default Characters

Storm Eagle N

Optional Characters

Magma Dragoon N
Splash Warfly N
Wild Jango N

Temporary Characters

A sentient humanlike computer program known as an AutoNavi who can absorb and integrate data from any other entity, including viruses and glitches. He fights using normal and viral arm cannons, and can erect an impenetrable shield.

Secret Characters


Last Story Characters

The characters available only on the final story segment, who can be either Mavericks, Hunters, or unaffiliated.

Optional Characters

Hero Secret Characters

Storm Eagle R
Lumine R

Evil Secret Characters

Irregular X
X warped by the Limited Virus, who has gained additional powers and armor but is now devoid of his Suffering Circuit and has turned Maverick. He fights using a corrupted version of his usual versatile arm cannon and with newly-grown claws.
Nightmare Zero

Last Secret Characters

Hidden Characters

The characters who do not have any particular alignment, but rather can be unlocked by both sides.

Secret Characters

Lumine Copy
A blank-slate physical copy of the New Generation Reploid Lumine without any personality or will of its own who operates only in the most basic sense. It fights randomly with attacks taken from the stored DNA-Data of other Reploids.

Debug Character

An empathic mechanical being from an alternate dimension made out of jelly-like clear mimetic material who is a carrier and catalyst for energetic alien phenomena called the "Good Energy" and "Evil Energy". It fights using a modified beam saber.
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