Playable Characters

Hunter Story Characters

The characters who join only the Maverick Hunters' side, or are already Maverick Hunters.

Default Characters

A New Generation Reploid prototype whose DNA-Trans ability is rumored to be a hybrid of X's Variable Weapons System and Zero's Learning Ability. He fights using a variety of firearms and by shapeshifting into enemies he has gained the DNA-Data of.
Megaman X
The basis for all Reploids in existance, X is an advanced humanlike robot with both unlimited potential and the final version of Dr. Light's Variable Weapons System. He fights using a versatile arm cannon that can alter itself with the DNA-Data of enemies.
A reformed Maverick of nebulous origins who has immense physical strength, total viral immunity, and a special system known as the Learning Ability. He fights using beam swords and various other weapons and by assimilating new techniques from enemies' DNA-Data.

??? Characters

Steel Massimo
A New Generation Reploid who wears the name and armor of a fallen animaloid Reploid, and has recently joined the Maverick Hunters' Far East division. He fights using an array of polearms, and uses a high-powered hovering system to keep an adequate mobility.

Maverick Story Characters

The characters who join only the Mavericks' side, or are already Mavericks.

Default Characters

The leader of most Maverick forces, as well as the consciousness guiding the Maverick Virus and many of its child-strains. He fights by possessing an array of battle bodies, each of which are armed with different weapons.
Vile MK-4
A rogue ex-Maverick Hunter combat Reploid who was rebuilt multiple times in the past, and who served multiple Maverick leaders. He fights by swapping weaponry installed on his shoulder, in his hand, and in his lower leg, as well as with custom Ride Armors.
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