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Everything must start from a prototype, and what better hero for a game prototype than a robot prototype? Follow the adventures of Protoman through the past, joined by Lightbots, Cossackbots, and even Wilybots as he explores a large 8-bit world. Can you spot the areas that lay in ruin in X's time?


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the relation between Megaman eXplore and the Retro Edition?

The Retro edition is a sort of test engine of the Megaman eXplore main game, using easier to manufacture 8-bit style graphics and simplified battle and platformer systems. The Retro edition ties in with the past, but as the game progresses, the player discovers that it's more than a simple retelling of Protoman's past adventures. It's up to the player to discover where the Retro edition fits in the eXplore timeline.

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