Other characters

Guest characters

A young human with an interesting lineage, who pursues Vampires with his solar gun, the Gun Del Sol. He currently travels through time and dimensions to dispose of Shademan.EXE.
The Jack. His abilities, armors and weaponry makes him a mishmash of all the other types, albeit he's typically The Ranger.
A powerful Net Navi who followed Shademan.EXE's trail through Cyberspace. He wants to dispose of Shademan.EXE because the vampiric net Navi's presence weakens the power of any potential opponents.
Lightning Bruiser. An extreme form of it. He also has traits of The Nuker and is a Tough Tank and a Magic Tank. His damage-block barrier also makes him a Shield Tank.

Secret characters

Lumine Copy
A half-finished copy of Lumine, sealed away by the Federation. It is a blank slate so far as personality, memories and emotions go.
The Nuker. Also The Healer and a Magic Tank. Doubles as a Shield Tank with its hyper mode, with minor Mezzer abilities on drone-type foes.
A strange being from another dimension who can shift shapes and has a vast array of skills.
Ditto Fighter. Would be The Jack if his shapeshifting abilities didn't let him change from one archetype to another at whim. Even more overpowered than Bass.EXE. Of course, he's a debug character…
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