Maverick characters

Starting characters

The leader of eight Maverick Uprisings, and once the commander of the Maverick Hunters. He was Cain's first successful Reploid creation, and the one to have subdued Zero to reform him later.
The Scrapper. His speed is greater than a traditional Mighty Glacier, making him more of a hybrid DPSer/Tank. More or less a superpowered Mario. Has minor Debuffer abilities.
A violent, volatile Reploid that was revived twice after he originally died due to a suicide attack by Zero. The second revival had him subdued to Lumine's will, explaining his surprising lack of agitation.
Mighty Glacier. Better than average speed for a Glacier, but nearly no agility and evasion abilities to speak of. On the other hand, less of a Glass Cannon against Nukers.

Additional characters

One of the Rebellion Cadres who followed Epsilon during the Giga City incident, she self-destructed in orbit around the Earth in an effort to spread the Supra-Force Metal over the planet. Curiously, she was recovered by the Mavericks, nearly intact.
The DPSer. A hybrid of The Ranger and The Scrapper, with Glass Cannon defense, high attack speeds, mid-range and melee reach, and tendancies to be an Evade Tank when airborne.
A Reploid scientist with an affiliation to no one, she masterminded the Soul Erasure incident, but was defeated at the hands of X. Several years after her defeat, a precautionary backup of her personality and memories was found by Sigma.
The Nuker. Also a full-on Mezzer, Debuffer, Healer, and Magic Tank. Using specific skills, she also can turn enemies to her side and act as The Beastmaster.
A bounty hunter who attacks with razor-sharp decks of cards, and once was Aile's friend. His betrayal is the reason Aile could not walk or talk normally, despite attempt to repair. Redips used Spider's DNA to follow X on Giga City.
Fragile Speedster. Has many Debuffer and Nuker skills, and can double as an Evade Tank, but his low damage output and low defense deny him of being The Jack.
A Reploid scientist who created extremely advanced Reploids, he was betrayed by his colleagues out of fear. He found Zero's DNA-data and was driven mad by it, and then easily controlled by the Sigma Virus.
The Mezzer. Coupled with the defense of a Tough Tank and a Magic Tank, and the average attack of The Mario.

Secret characters

A mercenary Reploid who had allied himself with Sigma previously, he now returns to provide the Maverick clan with some additional firepower and his sense of direction… At a price, of course.
DPSer. Balanced by the fact his fast combos are offset by the lower damage he deals, but his defense and speed are too high to categorize him as a Fragile Speedster or a Glass Cannon.
The New Generation leader of the Eighth Uprising, created from a mix of alien and Reploid technology. He showed the same Weapon Get ability as X during his final battle. His original body was destroyed, and could not be recovered at all.
The Nuker. Also The Healer and a Magic Tank. Doubles as a Shield Tank with his hyper mode, with minor Mezzer abilities on drone-type foes.
Irregular X
A version of X warped by many painful and intrusive procedures, and infused with virii and materials of unknown origin.
The Tank. His various armors make him either the Tough Tank, Magic Tank, Evade Tank, or a combination of them. Aside from his defense, all his other traits are The Mario.
Zero Nightmare
What is considered to be Zero's true nature, awakened by a viral overload. He is several times more powerful than before.
The Scrapper. His abilities to be a good second option for a Tough Tank and DPSer-level combos makes him this, despite his attack speed being usually subpar and more Mighty Glacier-level.
Another Axl, changed irrevocably by Lumine's code, and turned Maverick in the process. His darker side has been dragged right into the open.
The Jack. His DNA-Trans, weapon arsenal and Hyper Mode make him very versatile in short bursts, and he's just enough of The Mario to avoid being a Fragile Speedster.
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