Maverick Hunter characters

The Maverick Hunter characters.

Starting characters

Megaman X
The base of the Reploid technology, and a reluctant warrior. He is the last creation of Dr. Light, and has a vast array of armors at his disposition.
The Tank. His various armors make him either the Tough Tank, Magic Tank, Evade Tank, or a combination of them. Aside from his defense, all his other traits are The Mario.
A reformed Maverick able of mastering a variety of techniques with various weapons. While he doesn't have as many armors as X, his offensive capacities are immense.
The Scrapper. His abilities to be a good second option for a Tough Tank and DPSer-level combos makes him this, despite his attack speed being usually subpar and more Mighty Glacier-level.
A New Generation prototype of mysterious origin who uses firearms in battle. He can use the Copy Shot to acquire a foe's DNA-data and transform into a perfect copy.
The Jack. His DNA-Trans, weapon arsenal and Hyper Mode make him very versatile in short bursts, and he's just enough of The Mario to avoid being a Fragile Speedster.

Additional characters

Steel Massimo
A humanshape Reploid wearing the armor of the fallen Steel Massimo and wearing his name. His immense strength is what allowed him to join a branch of the Hunters after the Giga City incident.
Mighty Glacier. A pure-offense, low-speed, high-defense type. His low elemental resistance makes him a Glass Cannon to The Nukers.
A pink treasure hunter oriented toward stealth, and able to mask her presence from any radars. She roams the world with her companion, Cinnamon, with her base of operations being a section of Gaudille's laboratory.
Fragile Speedster. Taken to the extreme, although her lower damage potential prevents her from being The Ninja DPSer without her Hyper Mode powerup.
A young nurse Reploid who became a treasure hunter for the thrills and fights of the job. Few know that Gaudille installed a Force Metal Generator inside her while she was being created.
The Healer. Some of her weapons also make her the Debuffer.

Secret characters

A quiet child-sized robot. He said he was a relic of the past. The Light Capsules, curiously enough, react to his presence…
The Mezzer. Hybridized with a Shield Tank, The Nuker thanks to his Master Weapons, and stats more appropriate of a standard Jack than the Mezzer he is.

Joke characters

Dr. Light
X's creator… How did he get out of the capsule?! Why is he wearing Ryu's outfit from Street Fighters?! Do we even want to know?!
Lethal Joke Character. Don't expect things he hits to stand back up. Add to that the fact he bypasses armors, shields and elemental resistance…
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