Enimul's forms

Enimul can gain various forms other than his own, all with different abilities and a different basic attack.

Exocet form

Enimul's insect-winged, carp-like exocet form is the form most oriented toward speedy travel. Its basic attack is a weak water-element stream of goop that causes Blind status, and it has the highest horizontal speed, unlimited ascending movement underwater, and long airtime jumps from a water's surface.

Landshark form

Enimul's great-toothed, dog-like landshark form is the form most oriented toward melee fighting. Its basic attack is to lick up enemies, chew them, and then spit them out with non-elemental damage acquired, and it can deflect cutting weapons by smiling wider.

Slime form

Enimul's raindrop-shaped slime form is the form most oriented toward defense. Its basic attack is a powerful water-element mist that can hurt enemies and heals Enimul, and its soft but rubbery body provides incredible defense for the small size it has, Metal Slime-style.

Unagi form

Enimul's monstrous shark-like, crocodile-legged unagi form is the form most oriented toward underwater navigation. Its basic attacks are to bite enemies in front repeatedly, or bat them away with a good tail-swipe, and it can compress itself to fit into smaller passages, like an eel.

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