A strange being that seems to be made of jelly, from another dimension, who can shift shapes and has an amusingly vast array of skills, not all of them fight-oriented.

Special Commands

Enimul's special commands are… very special indeed.

Form Change
Nothing like a whole new appearance and set of abilities to spice up a fight? This special command provides the flavor!
Physical Attacks
A mishmash of physical attacks, all wrapped up in a single special command for any player's ease!
This special command provides valuable insight in Enimul's own dimension and his likes and dislikes. Who wouldn't want to use it?
A special command that gives access to all learned basic sword techniques. …Compare them to Zero's Swordplay techniques, just for fun!
Let's Test It!
…A debug menu?! Honestly?!
Good Energy
The only serious menu, honestly… Enimul's true powers can be accessed from this special command. See what happens when he stops playing.
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