Generic enemies fought in all stories.

All stages

Batton M-501
Also known as the "Bubble Bat", the Batton M-501 is the last vestige of the Batton series of early 20XX. The outsides of its wings are coated in a plasma-reflective material, but despite that advantage it was obsoleted by the Batbone series.
Bulbrite series
Multipurpose mechaniloids similar to the Mettaur series, although they use controlling technology similar to the Pararoid series. They are generally known for their docile behavior, childish "voices", and versatibility.
Mettaur series
Multipurpose mechaniloids that have been used since early 20XX, and able of hiding in their helmets to shield themselves from assault. They have a rudimentary emotional matrix which causes their famous fear-based "hiding" behavior.
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