A New Generation prototype who left Red Alert, and who favors firearms to other weapons in battle. He can use the Copy Shot to acquire a foe's DNA-data and transform into a perfect copy. He often follows his own agenda, and seeks to find out about his origins.

Special commands

Axl's special commands are centered around stealth and infiltration.

Hyper Mode
A special command to trigger Axl's Hyper Mode, the Stealth Mode.
The special command that handles Axl's usage of DNA-data for transformations.
Bullet Specials
The special command that handles Axl's various shooting techniques.


Axl's alternate armors enhance one of his special abilities.

This white armor appeared in Axl's menus shortly after he awoke after the battle against Lumine, and boasts upgraded hoverjet engines.
Prototype Armor
A dark blue armor recreated based on the remains of plans found in the Red Alert base that augments Axl's battle systems.

Secret commands

Secret special commands unlocked through gameplay.

Classified Hyper Mode
A secret special command to trigger a familiar Hyper Mode with a new name, and a new owner.
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