Affinities are particular weaknesses or strengths of a weapon or attack, and exist in three aspects; elemental, positionment, and substance.



Icy weapons that either damage by impact with a frozen mass, or flash-freezing adversaries.


Speedy or windy weapons that damage with kinetic energy, either on collision with foes or with shock waves.


Electrical weapons that either damage by shocking a foe severely, or outright short-circuiting them.


Plasma and laser weapons that damage enemies on contact, with wildly different appearances.


Earth, metal and surface-based weapons that damage by crushing or cutting through opponents.


Fire weapons that either damage by melting or scorching adversaries, or by impact with a fiery mass.


Defensive weapons that form a shield able of absorbing the enemies' weapons and their damage.


Negative energy weapons that damage opponents on contact, or outright paralyzes them.


Aerial Unit

Aerial units travel in the air, and have a better evasion rate against combat weapons and attacks due to their ability to move quickly out of reach.

Ground Unit

Ground units travel on the ground, and have no particular strength or weakness.

Hovering Unit

Hovering units float slightly off the ground, and endure additional damage from combat weapons and attacks thanks to their lack of footing.



Energic weapons can easily tear through opponents that lack appropriate shielding, but can be disrupted by other energy weapons and shields.


Material weapons are unaffected by energy shields and can cause great damage if wielded right, but tend to be ineffective against armored foes.

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