General achievements

Solo Run
Complete a story mission with a one-character party.
Single Player
Complete all story missions with a one-character party (doesn't need to be the same character).
Complete at least one story mission with each character (default & optional, multiple character party is ok).
Fan Favorite
Have the same character in your party for 15 missions.
Attempt to sequence break.
Have a full party all at level 50.
Have a full party all at level MAX.

Hero story achievements

No RetryIf at first you don't succeed, you fail.
Fail to complete the tutorial simulation with Axl.
Have X, Zero and Axl all at level MAX.
Find all optional characters.

Evil story achievements

Create all eight Nightmare Mavericks.
Viral Plague
Find all optional characters.

Final story achievements

Second Chance
Unlock Storm Eagle R.
The Corruption
Unlock Irregular X, Nightmare Zero and White Axl.
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