Welcome to the Megaman eXplore Wiki! We of the Megaman eXplore fangame would like to make one thing clear: we don't intend on releasing any sort of commercial fangame. We don't want to make Megaman X9 (well, we do, but as part of Capcom's development team), we don't even want to try for Megaman X Command Mission 2! We only want to make a good RPG with the fantastic characters already available for us.

This project started with a grand ambition: to be the Command Mission everyone wanted, to be the X9 that the fans want… And then it was promptly forgotten. I (Neo Qwerty) assume it was because it sounded too ambitious for everyone else. So… I took it down a few notches. I made an artistic choice and sank the base into the three first X games, on the SNES. 16-bit graphics, sound, and mechanics, but with a story that aims to be what no game wants to be: fanfiction. Yes, fanfiction.

So, without further adieu, here are the sections:
Player Characters

Game information
Bonus material

Game development status

CURRENT GOAL: GRAPHICSPlayer character guidelines
Due to unforeseen circumstances (my brain decided to break and exhaust itself, neatly removing my motivation and want to do sprite editing), the deadlines are removed and the game will be completed whenever I get a small burst of desire to sprite. Don't despair, it's not on hiatus, closed, or abandonned, just slow as molasses in January.
Future goals
Game Engine notes
Met goals
None yet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical questions

What is this game built with?

Currently, with RPG Maker VX. That's only the proof of concept version, though, and I'm not sure if RPG Maker VX is powerful enough to make the entire thing work. I'll just see what I can do with it, and transfer over to Game Maker if I can't manage the full thing in VX.

Is there joystick support?

It's not planned for now, but you can always use a program like Joy2Key or Xpadder that will do the job for you!

Glitches and other issues

Why can't I open some doors or use the elevators in Hunter HQ/the Mavericks' stronghold?

This game uses a nifty copy protection system that refers back to this wiki for the passwords. Without these, it's impossible to reach the teleport hubs and so, beat the game!

I can reach a boss' stage by walking there, but the boss regenerates all its HP each turn and has a a shield running!

It's another copy protection feature. To make the boss vulnerable, you need to talk to Signas in the debriefing room, which is found on floor 40 of Hunter HQ… Via the elevators.

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